1. Your furry friend pays R$ 50.00 per day.

2. For everyone to relax, please send us your vaccination card before you come.

3.Your pet is very welcome these days,  in the Graciosa or Canasvieiras suites, as long as he likes social interaction, after all he also has to be happy and docile at Casa da Estação.

4. Some areas like the interior of the House,  the private part of the owners or staff, the kitchen, swimming in the pool, are only human-allowed areas, but he can walk with the owner, all over the garden!

5. We know that it's nice to curl up with the owner, but at the House, due to the difficulty of cleaning the hair afterwards, he will only be able to sleep in the bed on the floor, brought by his owner. 

6. Place for pet is with the owner! In the same house, he must always be close.

7. Room cleaning can only be done if the room is without the presence of humans and pets.

8. Pee and poop (even if it's in the garden) it's up to the owners to clean up. 

9.Don't forget to bring the water and ration plates, as well as the guide and hygiene material, which the House does not provide.

10. If the pet is unable to behave, barking excessively, crying or becoming aggressive, it will be better for him to return home because something is certainly bothering him too much. So we ask that it be a spontaneous attitude from the owner, without the need for the House to ask. 

11. If by chance it ends up causing damage, or even the need for special cleaning, the amount will be charged to the owner at check-out.