Morretes is a charming city, which is 70km from Curitiba.


hugged  by mountains,  rivers, trails  and waterfalls.


And, for those who enjoy an adventure, you can clim the Pico do Marumbi, hike on the Itupava trail or on the Anhaia road,  or just float on the Nundiaquara river!


The adventure  begins  along the beautiful, curvy and flowery Estrada da Graciosa -   which is considered one of the most incredible roads in Brazil.

But you can also go by train!  One  unique experience!  At  the Serra do Mar,  you can smell the flowers, see the beautiful landscapes,  rivers,  waterfalls and all the charms of  Atlantic forest.  

It does not stop there. There is still the historic city of Morretes, with the Nhundiaquara river in the background. In addition to the walk between old mansions, small shops and special corners - you'll still find excellent options of restaurants and charming bistros to taste the best of local cuisine: like barreado, for example.  

And if you want to enjoy it all and end your day in the most charming house in Morretes, Casa da Estação is the perfect place to create unique memories to take with you after this trip!